Legal preliminary information

Informations extracted from § 312e BGB i.V.m. § 3 BGB-InfoV

1. Technical steps to conclude the contract. 

You have the possibility to access all your transactions as orders and shipments etc. by calling up your password protected customer account at any time.

The following steps contain a detailed explanation of how you can place an order with us. Please read this explanation carefully before purchasing.

Choose products without any commitment.
When you have found the desired product, you can place it in the shopping cart without any obligation. Purchase by pressing the button  'Shoppin cart', which is positioned directly at the product.

View content of your shopping cart without any obligation.

If you wish to inspect the current contents of your shopping basket without obligation, click on the shopping cart icon, which is viewable during your entire visit on our website and which also shows you the number of products currently selected. [...]

Delete or modify the content of your shopping cart.

If you wish to modify the content of your shopping cart you can select desired amount by the pulldown-menue.
If you wish to delete selected products from your shopping cart, press the “Delete-button” which is positioned on the right side next to the sum of selected product.

Customer registration and login with an existing account.

If you have found all the items you need and have placed the required number of each item into your shopping basket, you can continue your order process by clicking the button “ proceed to checkout”. Now you can check in with your existing login data. Should you not have a personal account press the button “New customer”. You can issue a new customer account on the following page or proceed with your order by clicking “Do not create customer account”.

Selection of delivery- and payment terms

After successful registration, login or entering your data, you will be lead to the next step of order processing.
Here you can select preferred  delivery and payment terms without any obligation. After having selected the required mode of delivery and payment term you are shown the arising transportation costs. You can change these at any time by choosing a different delivery and payment method

Delivery adress

Unless selected products should not be shipped to registered invoicing address, you have the possibility to ship your order to another delivery address.

Order Confirmation.

By pressing the button „continue“ you will be taken directly to the confirmation side which lists again all details of your order without any obligation, including all costs.
You can press the button „go back“ if you do wish to make changes.
When you are ready to complete your order please acknowledge and confirm our AGB. 

Complete Order
After having confirmed and checked all datas, you may place the order bindingly by pressing the button "send order ". 

Order successfully completed
Your order will be confirmed on the following page. At this point you have the possibility to print all details of your order. You will also receive an E-Mail sent to the E-Mail address which is registered under your account confirming your order.

2. Electronic confirmation of your order

The buyer receives immediately an electronic order confirmation.

3. Storage of the contract text by trador (and buyer)

 We will store the data required to process the contract between you and us. You can access it at any time. In this respect we refer to our data protection notice available in our AGB.
You have the possibility to download our contract texts and instructions as pdf files during order procedure.

4. Recognising and correcting input errors
Input errors during the order process can be recognized and corrected at any time in the final overview before completing the order.

5. Offered languages for the conclusion of the contract.

Available languages for contract conclusion is German and English.

6. Code of conduct
We are not subject to any special and abovementioned codes of conduct.